Sugar Butter Body Scrub $90.00 (40 case, 40z) Qty 140
Vegan Beard Balm $15 per/item (4oz) < Qty 150
Kojic Face and Body Wash $80 case (4oz) Qty 200
Beard Oil Rosemary $85 case (4oz) Qty 200
Hemp lotion $15 per item (4oz) Qty 200
Black Mango Castor Oil $80 per case (50 per case), 4oz, Qty 300
Beard Cream $15 per/item (4oz) Qty 250
Body Butter Lotion $15 per/item (4oz) Qty 200
Beard Oil Vanilla $85 case (4oz) Qty 200
Beard Wash $90 (50 per case) 4oz Qty 300
Hair Star Oil $90 (60 per/case) 40z, Qty 250

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